Based in Surrey and South of London, the team at the Centre of Excellence in Advanced Engineering Services Ltd. provides services to clients across the UK. We are a complete engineering and technology service, specialising in design and construction from initiation to completion.

Services We Offer

Consultancy services: We offer a complete design and construction service including site identification, private financing, and the selection of the best materials to ensure a first-class outcome at optimum cost. Our services include the following:

Services We Offer

  • Consulting closely with clients to produce a scheme to provide for the client’s requirements

  • Creating 2D and 3D comprehensive architectural designs to illustrate interior and exterior views and elevations

  • All designs and calculations

  • Cost estimation

  • Preparing the case for planning permission

  • Site clearance and preparation

  • Project management

  • Construction

Software Services

We produce engineering software from initial consultancy and design phases right through to deployment and ongoing support.

Marketing Services

Our experienced team use their technical knowledge along with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of products, for which a certain level of expertise is needed.

A Can-Do Attitude

Our can-do attitude and wide experience allow us to deliver the most challenging projects with a minimum of fuss. We see ourselves as a provider with a genuine interest in what our clients want to achieve