Self-Lubricating Skateboard (COB-SRIM 071)


The basement of this product is superior bronze plate. Its sintered bronze alloy on the surface in which the solid lubricant is spread uniformly. The alloy layer can be covered a film of solid lubricant as an actual requirement. This product is with low friction coefficient and has good properties of self-lubricating, anti-abrasion, anti-occlusion, etc. It can be used under high load and in contaminative water, etc.

COB-SRIM 071 Plate Mechanical Properties

Performance IndexData
Load Capacity P N/mm2 - Static Load200

Load Capacity P N/mm2 - Dynamic Load

Friction Coef μ - Dry Friction0.13-0.18
Friction Coef μ - Periodical Lubricant0.11-0.16
Max Line Speed, m/s0.25
PV Value Limit, N/ mm2 .m/s0.8
Working Temperature, ℃-150-280
Density γ, g/cm37.1
Hardness HB≥40
Counterpart Hardness HRC≥180
Counterpart Roughness Ra, μm0.2-0.8