Polytetrafluoroethylene/PTFE Plate (COB-SRIM 110)

PTFE is a high-performance engineering plastic. It has superior chemical stability, strong base, acid corrosion, excellent thermal stability, broad scope, excellent weather resistance, antiaging, and strong ultraviolet light. Its unique, excellent non-stick, self-lubricating ability, low coefficient of friction, and also it has good solid lubrication material.

PTFE plate completely works as its inherent performance and successfully applied to a bridge bearing skateboard. Due to the great melting viscosity, PTFE keeps its original shape when melting. PTFE powder works similarly in the method of forming. Pre-moulded shapes, sintering the composition of the three-step cooling. The method of forming is the most important in determining the shape of the cold pressure and the sintering conditions. We have different brands of PTFE raw materials. The development of different conditions to produce sheet metal to meet the performance requirements, helped us to support the use of skateboards.

If you request a special performance of the PTFE board, the company also can modify PTFE board design and formulation in order to offer new production technology. Modified PTFE board productions will be in line according to the costumer’s request.

PTFE Plate Mechanical Properties

ItemTest StandardData
Density, g/cm3GB/T 10332.14-2.20
Tensile Strength, (Mpa) ≥GB/T 104030
Elongation at Break, δ(%) ≥GB/T 1040300`
Ball Indentation Hardness, (Mpa)H132/60GB/T 339823-33

PTFE Plate Test Conditions

PTFE and Stainless-Steel Plate of Friction, Lubrication Si-fat;

Pressure Stress:σ=30Mpa;

Distance of Moving Back and Forth:S=±10mm;

Speed of Moving Back and Forth :V=15mm/s.

Technical Indicators

Friction Coefficient μst≤0.03;

Line Wear Rate ≤15μm/km;

Cumulative Sliding Distance:Short-term 15km.