Thrust Bearing Pads (PTFE) / Elastic Metal-Plastic (EMP) Thrust Bearing Pads (COB-SRIM 090)

PTFE is for the surface layer, a chelate of copper wire and orderly spring pad to work in the middle layer of steel to the bottom of the composition. PTFE through a special process with the copper wire spring mattress, creates a solid combination of metallic plastic known as the composite layer. After a special process, it will be brazed into steel.

PTFE thrust bearing pads performance depends on steel metallic layer of composite PTFE plastic. PTFE plastics are the main features of nonpolar molecules and smooth contours. The optical elements of the outline of the slide not only has a very low coefficient of friction characteristics but also it runs the process of sliding relative to the transfer of dual surface to form thin transfer film and plays an important role on the protection of the mill things. So, in the boot unit, downtime, or an accident, the hydrodynamic lubricant film cannot deform or damage the bearing lubrication or tile in the border state of dry friction. At this point the traditional tile babbitt will have serious wear or even bush-burning, flexibility metallic plastic tile will not occur. It is the normal functioning of the security unit.

From the structure of thrust bearing pads (PTFE), the copper wire spring pad plays the role of a link. From the physical properties, it provides strength, resilience, and stability of size. Copper wire spring mattress with plastic PTFE together, is an excellent decision on the flexibility metallic plastic tile. We created the Shanghai Institute for the Development of Materials, to the PTFE surface layer of plastic for metallic plastic bearings. In January 1994, through the Department of Mechanical and Electric Power joint identification which won a 1994 first class scientific and technological progress of the Department of Mechanical Awards. The annual state level of new products in 1995 and 1996 certificates issued by the State Science and Technology state-level scientific and technological achievements focused on projects to promote flexibility metallic fluoride plastic composite thrust bearing and its technical units based on the certificate.