Self-Lubricating Skateboard (COB-SRIM 070)


The basement of this product is superior low-carbon steel. it sintered bronze alloy on the surface in which the solid lubricant is spread uniformly. The alloy layer can be covered a film of solid lubricant as an actual requirement. This product is with low friction coefficient and has good properties of self-lubricating, anti-abrasion, anti-occlusion, etc. It can be used under high load and in contaminative water, etc.

COB-SRIM 070 Plate Mechanical Properties

Performance IndexData
Load Capacity P N/mm2 - Static Load0.92-0.98
Load Capacity P N/mm2 - Dynamic Load30
Friction Coefficient μ - Dry Friction250
Friction Coefficient μ - Periodical Lubricant33±20%
Max Line Speed, m/s0.5
PV Value Limit, N/ mm2 .m/s1.0
Working Temperature, ℃-150-280
Density γ, g/cm36.6
Hardness HB≥40
Counterpart Hardness HRC≥35
Counterpart Roughness Ra, μm0.2-0.8