COB-SRIM 080 Spherical Plain Thrust Bearings

Spherical plain thrust bearings have sliding contact surfaces in the shaft and housing washers which are arranged at an angle to the bearing axis. They are primarily intended for axial loads although they can accommodate combined loads to a certain extent. COB-SRIM 080 spherical plain thrust bearings are available with different sliding contact surface combinations, i.e. the sliding surfaces of the shaft and housing washers are made from different materials. There are two main groups: steel-on-steel spherical plain thrust bearings and maintenance-free spherical plain thrust bearings.

COB-SRIM 080 steel-on-steel spherical plain thrust bearing is made of carbon chromium steel and hardened and phosphate. The shaft & hosing washers sliding contact surface are treated with molybdenum disulphide. It has characteristics of wear-resistance and wear-corrosion. Bearing with this sliding contact surface combination require regular lubrication. To facilitate efficient lubrication, housing washer has an annular groove and a lubrication hole. The high wear resistance of the sliding surfaces makes these bearing especially suitable for bearing arrangements where heavy loads of alternating direction, shock loads or heavy static loads have to be accommodated.

COB-SRIM 080 maintenance-free spherical plain thrust bearings have sliding contact surface combination COB-SRIM 080. They have very low friction an can be operated without maintenance. They are used for applications where long bearing lives are required without maintenance, or where operating conditions, such as inadequate lubrication or maintenance-free bearing are primarily intended for applications where loads are heavy and have a constant direction.

COB-SRIM 080 temperature area: -60℃~150℃.