Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Plate/UHMWPE (COB-SRIM 040)

UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) is a linear structure of the thermoplastic engineering plastics. It's molecular structure and the general high-density polyethylene are identical, but the ordinary high-density polyethylene of low molecular weight, about 5 to 30 million range, and UHMWPE molecular weight of 450 to 600 million domestic general, has reached to 900-1100 million. Therefore, it has a common objective, high-density polyethylene and other plastics do not have unique properties such as excellent wear resistance, especially in the sand and wear-resistant, self-lubricating, low temperature resistant, impact resistance, and very strong Hydrophobicity, etc.

UHMWPE’s outstanding performance depends on the density and molecular weight. Therefore, we slide in the production of selected raw materials used abroad Ticona's more than 900 million of UHMWPE. Also, there is a further development in the production of lubricants and fillers by adding self-lubricating and carrying capacity skateboards. Therefore, after the modified UHMWPE plate, there is a new kind of antifriction sliding wear-resistant materials which support the requirements of skateboards costumers.

UHMWPE Plate Mechanical Properties

ItemTest StandardData
Density, g/cm3GB/T 10330.92-0.98
Tensile Strength, (Mpa) ≥ISO527-1,330
Elongation at Break, δ(%) ≥GB/T 1040250
Hardness, (Mpa)H132/60GB/T 339833±20%

UHMWPE Plate Test Conditions

UHMWPE and stainless steel plate of friction, lubrication Si-fat;

Pressure Stress:σ=45Mpa;

Distance of Moving Back and Forth:S=±10mm;

Speed of Moving Back and Forth :V=15mm/s。

UHMWPE Plate Technical Indicators

Friction Coefficient μst≤0.03;

Line Wear Rate ≤5μm/km;

Cumulative Sliding Distance:Short-Term 15km